Wisconsin State Fair Dairy Products Contest & Auction

Product Contest & Auction

Wisconsin State Fair and the Wisconsin State Fair Dairy Promotion Board are excited to host the annual Wisconsin State Fair Dairy Products Contest and Auction. Each year, over 400 locally produced products are judged and ranked across more than 50 classes.


An overall Grand Master Cheesemaker, Grand Champion Butter, Grand Champion Yogurt, Grand Champion Sour Cream, Grand Champion Milk and Grand Champion Custard are designated each year. These champions along with each class winner are presented and auctioned off at a special event during the Wisconsin State Fair.

2024 Full contest details and application  
Entry deadline: June 7

2024 Blue Ribbon Dairy Products Auction

Date: Thursday, August 8

Time: 3:30 pm

Location: Saz’s Hospitality Village – Wisconsin State Fair Park

The Blue Ribbon Dairy Products Auction features the sale of each winning class entry from the Wisconsin State Fair Dairy Products Contest. The money raised at the auction supports student scholarships and the board’s dairy promotion efforts at the Wisconsin State Fair.

To reserve your seat, RSVP here by Wednesday, July 17.