Board & Staff Members

Ann Schulz

Being involved in so many facets of dairy promotion at the State Fair is very exciting. It is an honor to serve and represent all aspects of Wisconsin's dairy industry - from cows to goats and producers to processors, in working with the board. 



Board Coordinator

Stephanie Hammerly

With a passion for dairy promotion and an interest in agritourism, I am excited to share Dairy Lane at State Fair and work with the dairy goat and cow milking demonstrations. I am looking forward to connecting farmers to consumers of all ages! 

Program Assistant


Nicole Barlass

I have spent MANY years supervising Dairy Lane. It always amazes me all the questions people ask about dairy farming and dairy products. Those conversations are why I do this.


Joan Oberhaus

The State Fair is always an exciting time at Cozy Nook. We like sharing our love for cows and the dairy industry with thousands of fair goers. The questions are amazing and the smiles of children (and adults) petting the calves is priceless!


Vice President

Ty Rohloff

I love the opportunities provided to be able to tell the story of Wisconsin's dairy industry.


Jason Kollwelter

My favorite memory of being on the board is looking back to see the changes the board has made over the past 13 years, which I have been involved in. The evolution of Dairy Lane, the Youth Celebration, and Dairy Products Contest.


Board Members

Kayla Adamson

It is such a joy to educate fair-goers about dairy goats during the milking demonstrations held during the Wisconsin State Fair.  It is so fun to answer questions and give fair-goers  the opportunity to be hands-on with dairy goats! Providing them with accurate information and encouraging them to try dairy goat products are my goals during this interactive event. Sharing my passion for these animals is the best part of the fair for me.

Board Member

Perry Brown

Board Member

Brad Brusveen

We work hard but always try to have some fun in the process. Volunteering in the Real Wisconsin Cheese Grill is always a good time.

Board Member

Fred Daniels

Board Member

Kory Hyvonen

Board Member

Vicki Janisch

The ribbon cutting at Dairy Lane will always be a great memory! Watching this huge project come to life after years of planning and looking for a way to have the House of Moo revamped. Also helping with the dairy products contest has been a "can't miss" event, as I always learn something new and I have the chance to work with fellow board members.

Board Member

Becky Kronberg

Serving with like-minded, caring people who are passionate about dairy promotion makes involvement on the Wisconsin State Fair Dairy Promotion Board so much fun.

Board Member

Abigail Martin

The Wisconsin State Fair offers a unique opportunity for dairy farmers and processors to connect with their consumers. Over the past couple of years, I have enjoyed hosting milking demonstrations and truly cherish the conversations that develop as a result. I look forward to sharing my knowledge each year, and hope to leave attendees with a small sense of the pride our board and entire dairy community has for the state we call home.

Board Member

Lauren Metcalf

I love getting to connect with people at Dairy Lane during the Wisconsin State Fair. From learning about the backgrounds of our volunteers to teaching consumers more about the dairy industry, I enjoy the connections I can make from people all over the country. Dairy Lane provides such a unique experience to attempt to close the gap between producer and consumer.

Board Member

Norm Monsen

Board Member

Mike Pederson

I enjoy working the Wisconsin State Fair Cheese Contest because it is kind of an extension of what I have doing in the dairy industry all of my life.  I started out as a judge for the contest in the 1990’s. When I was asked to become the head judge it was truly an honor.  I am very lucky to work with such good people throughout the dairy industry as well as the Wisconsin State Fair Board.

Board Member

Kari Renn

My favorite memory was seeing Dairy Lane for the first time!

Board Member

JoDee Sattler

I love talking to state fair-goers about dairy calves, heifers and cows, dairy goats and dairy foods.

Board Member

Scott Shoop

Board Member

Marianne Smukowski

My favorite memory is watching the humble and passionate dairy manufacturers receive their awards.

Board Member

Kirsten Strohmenger

One of my favorite projects to be a part of was the creation of the Wisconsin State Fair cheese. The product is a great example of dairy processing in Wisconsin - it shows the hard work of the cows, farmers, cheesemakers, and retailers.

Board Member

Robin Hensersky

WI State Fair Ag Director